Image: Flickr, John Mayer
Image: Flickr, John Mayer

Who We Are and What We Do

Magnus International Group is a locally owned, Cleveland, Ohio-area company with a 25-acre production facility in nearby Painesville Township that operates as Hardy Industrial Technologies (HIT) and Hardy Animal Nutrition (HAN).

We develop and manufacture one-of-a-kind products ranging from natural animal feed ingredients and natural industrial and consumer waxes for a variety of applications to customized fatty acids, biodiesel fuel feedstocks and other specialty chemicals.

Magnus companies create these sustainable global products by uniquely refining and repurposing renewable raw materials such as domestic and tropical vegetable oils, cooking greases, animal fats and other co-products. MORE»

Clients, Commendations & Comments

There is no precedent for our exact type of refining and production technologies. Magnus and its companies are undertaking groundbreaking work that partners our business with some of the world’s best food industry, animal nutrition and consumer products organizations.

We've garnered multiple regional and national awards for growth, innovation and management. Magnus also makes it a top priority to support the communities in which we do business.