Magnus International Group

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Magnus International Group Companies Specialize in Converting Food Industry
Raw Materials into Natural Products.


Top Magnus News Stories

+ Magnus Wins Second Weatherhead 100 Award
+ Magnus Makes Crain’s Cleveland Business FAST 50
+ Magnus Feature Story in Inside Business Magazine
+ Magnus Wins 13th Award with Smart 50 Honor
+ Magnus Wins Manny Award for Manufacturing
+ Magnus Feature Story in Smart Business Magazine

Magnus International Group is a locally owned, Cleveland, Ohio-area company with a nearby production facility that manufactures and distributes one-of-a-kind natural animal feed ingredients, and oleochemicals such as natural wax and glycerin.

We make these renewable products by recovering and uniquely transforming reusable food industry raw materials such as vegetable oils, cooking greases and animal fats that may otherwise be landfill-bound. Magnus works with some of the world's leading food manufacturers and consumer products companies to develop exclusive, sustainable products. MORE»

Natural Products, Renewable Energy & Green News


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