Chagrin Falls, Ohio / News Release / Summer interns from top-ranked accounting firm Cohen & Company recently visited Magnus International Group’s facility in Painesville Township, Ohio, to learn about our groundbreaking innovations in natural products manufacturing.

Scott Forster

Scott Forster, Magnus
Co-Owner, VP & COO

Magnus co-owner Scott Forster oriented the group to the company’s work with natural animal feed ingredients, natural industrial and consumer waxes, and alternative fuels. Magnus creates and distributes these products under its Hardy Animal Nutrition (HAN) and Hardy Industrial Technologies (HIT) brands by refining fats, oils, greases and other food industry raw materials.

On their tour of the Hardy plant, the Cohen team visited HAN’s one-of-a-kind solid animal feed operation, where natural ingredients are prilled and packaged into unique nutrition for the dairy, cattle, poultry and swine industries.

The interns also met with the plant’s vice president of technical affairs, Gregg Rechner, at the company’s state-of-the-art lab, where inbound co-products are rigorously tested before entering Magnus’ proprietary production process. The tour concluded with a stop by the hydrogenation area.

“Spending time in the field, learning about how businesses operate and meeting clients really gives our interns a sense of how they will be spending their time as public accountants,” said Hallie Sly, Cohen’s human resources manager. “Cohen & Company values our relationship with Magnus International, and we were thrilled to be able to spend the morning with their team.“

“It’s a priority for us to be responsive to and involved in our communities,” said Scott, who is also Magnus COO and vice president. “We always welcome opportunities to bring organizations to the plant and to support our partners, other local businesses and civic groups.”

“Participating in our client tour at Magnus International was a fantastic way to build a relationship with our client. As a tax intern, that’s an experience I didn’t expect,” said Brittany Rajecki.

Cohen & Company has been Magnus’ accounting firm since 2007. “Keith and his team have provided stellar service and expert financial consultation from the start,” said Scott. “Their interest in our success is personal, and that has made all the difference.”

About Magnus International Group

Founded in 2007, Magnus International Group is an award-winning manufacturer and distributor of natural animal feed ingredients, natural consumer waxes and alternative fuels. The company creates these proprietary products under its Hardy Animal Nutrition and Hardy Industrial Technologies brands by refining discarded food industry raw materials such as fats, oils and greases.

Magnus’ corporate office is in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and the company’s 25-acre production facility is located in Painesville Township, Ohio. There are only about 12 oleochemical plants in the U.S. and none are known to operate as uniquely and flexibly as Magnus or create the same outputs from products that are otherwise landfill-bound. The company partners with some of the world’s largest food production and consumer products organizations.

Magnus Media & Marketing Contact:
Nicki Artese / 216-932-2168