Thank you to the residents of Painesville Township who joined us on April 19 for our first annual Easter Ham Giveaway! We’re grateful for the overwhelming interest and support of the community for this event, and we’re happy we had the opportunity to meet so many of our neighbors at Fire Station 3.

Magnus and Hardy Industrial Technologies co-owner Scott Forster and his wife, Angela, gave out the hams while community relations representative Nicki Artese documented the event.

We also appreciate those who followed Scott to the local Giant Eagle after the 100 hams we committed to giving away went so fast that we decided to provide 50 more. We wish we could have reached out to everyone in line. Next year, we will be even more prepared for the popularity of this event and look forward to seeing everyone for our annual Turkey Giveaway in November.

A special thank you to Painesville Township Fire Chief Frank Whittaker and his staff for so graciously continuing to host our giveaways. We really appreciate the promotional support of Township administrator Mike Manary and trustee Gabe Cicconetti, and we thank trustee Josh Pennock for attending the event.

Magnus Media & Marketing Contact:
Nicki Artese / 216-932-2168