Thank you to the residents of Painesville Township who joined us on April 4 for our annual Easter Ham Giveaway! We’re happy we had the opportunity to see so many of our neighbors again at Fire Station 3.

A special thanks to Chief Frank Whittaker and his staff for continuing to host our ham and turkey giveaways, and for helping us with distribution. Because of the popularity of the Ham Giveaway and the long line of traffic it creates several hours ahead of start-time, for safety reasons, we began this year’s event about 20 minutes early to clear the roads.

Shortly after the advertised start of 11 am, the 150 hams were all handed out. Next year, we will probably set a 9 am start and give out an additional 25 hams. As always, residents are encouraged to arrive early.

Hardy Industrial Technologies co-owner Scott Forster and his wife, Angela