Magnus is excited to announce that construction is underway at our Painesville Township plant on a new lab, management offices, locker room and entryway. The significant additions at the company’s one-of-a-kind production facility, which operates as Hardy Industrial Technologies and Hardy Animal Nutrition, should be completed by late summer or early fall.

Together with other major initiatives, Magnus has invested $4.5M in just the last year in the 25-acre site we acquired in 2007, which today develops and manufactures exclusive products ranging from natural animal feed ingredients, and natural industrial and consumer waxes to customized fatty acids, biodiesel fuel feedstocks and other specialty chemicals.

We create these products by uniquely refining and repurposing renewable raw materials such as domestic and tropical vegetable oils, cooking greases, animal fats and more. Magnus companies are rethinking oleochemicals in the pioneering way we transform secondary materials into superior prime products.

Mubetcel Moorefield - Lab Manager, Jon Green - Production Manager, Ken Wheeler - Shift Supervisor, Gregg Rechner - Vice President of Technical Affairs and Dave Wolf - Plant Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
"I am very excited that we will be moving into the new building soon. The layout has been designed with our workflow in mind. Better flow will increase the efficiency of lab functions and let us handle traffic into and out of the plant in a more organized manner." - Mubetcel Moorefield, Lab Manager
"The new laboratory and offices will be another showpiece for our production facility. The lab plays an important role in analyzing the quality of our products, as well as in promoting growth through new product development. A state-of-the-art lab will ensure these two needs continue to be met." - Gregg Rechner, Vice President of Technical Affairs
"Every step we take forward is truly exciting. This is but another natural stage in the continuing growth and evolution of our organization. One day we will look back on this huge accomplishment from such a height that even something as incredible as the new lab will feel like just another ordinary day of progress." - Jon Green, Production Manager
"The plant was several different companies before we purchased it, so it is very exciting to have a new lab built specifically for what we do at Hardy. It also feels great to work for a company that is constantly growing and continually reinvesting in its future." - Dave Wolf, Plant Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
"Anytime something new comes to the plant, you can't help but get excited. The lab is definitely the most important part of our operation. With new state-of-the-art equipment and a new design to help the flow of traffic, it is going to be awesome. This is going to lead to even bigger and better things. I'm super excited!" - Ken Wheeler, Shift Supervisor

Our new facilities will provide a number of great enhancements and features, including:

    • Technology upgrades to our current state-of-the-art lab’s ability to meticulously analyze, test and process incoming raw materials
    • System advances for stringent quality assurance of outbound natural products during every step of our manufacturing processes
    • Improved capability for creating benchtop experiences in the lab that duplicate and predict actual production methods and outcomes
    • Streamlined raw materials sampling that consolidates activities to a centralized area
    • Increased efficiency of inbound and outgoing tank truck traffic
    • A more secure site with paved parking outside the plant’s operational area
    • A newly landscaped entryway off Hardy Road into the facility
    • A formal entrance and conference room for guests
    • A staff changing room and shower facilities with individual lockers
    • A new and improved employee break room


Scott Forster, Co-owner, Vice President & COO

Scott Forster
Co-owner, Vice President & COO

Eric LofquistCo-owner, President & CEO

Eric Lofquist
Co-owner, President

“We eagerly anticipate the completion of this project and the positive impact it will have on our employees, clients and the community,” said Magnus co-owner Eric Lofquist. “The new lab will improve system efficiencies, enhance the quality of our proprietary products and prepare us for the next substantial growth phase.”

Hardy Industrial Technologies (HIT) is the front end of our operation that specializes in refining secondary plant and animal-based materials for the innovative manufacturing of primary natural products. We source our co-products from the most sophisticated, expansive supply chain network in the industry.

Hardy Animal Nutrition (HAN) is the back end of our facility that manufactures and distributes exclusive natural animal feed ingredients for the dairy, poultry and swine industries. As an ISO 22000:2005 and PAS 222-certified organization, HAN adheres to food and feed safety management systems and standards for manufacturing high-quality liquid and dry animal feed ingredients.

“The new construction will further our leadership position in the industry and our ability to create new markets,” said Magnus co-owner Scott Forster. “Along with additional, extensive air quality control solutions, this project aligns with our major investment in Painesville Township.”

Every product Magnus develops and manufactures passes through the lab at multiple points in our refining, production and quality control processes. It’s the cornerstone of our groundbreaking innovations, so we can’t wait to see what an even greater facility will inspire us to come up with next!