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Magnus’ management group participated this week in a special team-building project with a unique charitable component. As the finale to the company’s leadership training through Corporate College® at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®), managers gathered for Tri-C’s Bike for a Tyke program, during which they built four customized bicycles for kids.

At the end of the three-hour experience, the bikes were given away to two Painesville Township families, both of which have two children with juvenile diabetes who received the gifts as a surprise.

The company designated the Lake County Juvenile Diabetes Walk Family (LCJDWF) as its Bike for a Tyke beneficiary because of its ongoing community service relationship with the organization. Magnus owns and operates Hardy Industrial Technologies and Hardy Animal Nutrition in Painesville Township, the site at which the event took place.

Fifteen Magnus and Hardy managers divided into four teams to construct the bikes from scratch under the guidance of Corporate College instructors Meghan Bilardo and Norina Columbaro. Jody Wheaton, Corporate College’s executive director for client solutions and programs, who introduced the idea to Magnus owner Scott Forster, was part of the facilitation team. Magnus owner Eric Lofquist was also on-site for the event.

Painesville Township trustee Gabe Cicconetti, Magnus owner Scott Forster, Lake County Juvenile Diabetes Walk Family president Terry Mowery and Magnus owner Eric Lofquist present bikes to the Mercer family
Ethan and Savannah with their parents and new bikes
The Magnus and Hardy Industrial Technologies management team with Tri-C's Bike for a Tyke facilitators
Eric, Terry, Gabe and Scott with Magnus marketer Nicki Artese and Tri-C's Norina Columbaro (back), Meghan Bilardo and Jody Wheaton
Hardy Industrial Technologies production manager Jon Green with Koby Mercer
Jon with Tyson Mercer
Ethan and Savannah close their eyes as Terry and their parents escort them to their bike surprise
Tri-C's Meghan Bilardo with Ethan and Savannah
Bike-building kickoff: Hardy plant engineer Tom Szucs discusses what makes a good management team
Gregg Rechner, Hardy Industrial Technologies Vice President of Technical Affairs
Hardy shift supervisor Nick Pudder
Lowering the helium stick without anyone losing two-handed contact with it is harder than it appears
Hardy shift supervisor Ken Wheeler with maintenance mechanic Todd Dresnek
Magnus product manager Brett Ayers with Tom
Magnus corporate controller Sharon Stefan with Tri-C's Norina Columbaro
Hardy lab manager Mubetcel Moorefield with training & safety coordinator Randy Lewis and Nick
Hardy shift supervisor Chris Knight and Gregg with Shelli Riley, Magnus' client support & logistics manager
Dave Wolf, Hardy's plant shipping & receiving coordinator, with Scott and Chris
Terry and Eric
Tom tests his team's bike after their safety check
Management teams worked to earn decorative bike bling
The finished product
Ken takes the obstacle course challenge
Nick dodges cones
Koby's bike is a perfect fit for Jon
Shelli represents for team 1
Tom rides for team 4
Jon and Scott act their ages
Dave takes a spin for team 1
Eric envies Tom's fashionable headwear
Starting alphabetically with Brett Ayers, Tri-C Corporate College certificates of management training completion were awarded by Scott and Jody before the bike-building exercise
Todd Dresnek
Jon Green
Chris Knight
Randy Lewis
Mubetcel Moorefield
Nick Pudder
Gregg Rechner
Sharon Stefan
Tom Szucs
Ken Wheeler
Dave Wolf
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Parents of the bike recipients were notified in advance by LCJDWF president Terry Mowery of the giveaway and filled out a short questionnaire in secret for their children, describing things like his or her favorite color, activities and cartoon character so the bikes could be built accordingly.

Management teams worked to earn bike supplies and decorative bling as the competition progressed, and also had to create a marketing presentation for the giveaway. Communication, problem-solving and leadership skills were tested throughout the assembly.

Painesville Township trustee Gabe Cicconetti stopped by at the end of the event to witness the awarding of the bikes and meet the children and their families.

“It was a fun opportunity and meaningful way to wrap up this round of management training,” said Forster. “As with everything they’ve done for Magnus and Hardy, Corporate College put on a great and memorable program. The most worthwhile moments were watching the kids and their families react to the bikes.”

Magnus kicked off Bike for a Tyke with a graduation ceremony for main office and plant managers who completed various Corporate College leadership courses between December 2014 and April 2015.

Get more Bike for a Tyke information here or call Corporate College at 216-987-0234 for details on the program.