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Hardy Industrial Technologies


Hardy Industrial Technologies (HIT)

A Magnus International Group Company

Hardy Industrial Technologies manufactures renewable consumer and industrial waxes for products such as firelogs and candles. We also produce alternative fuels for boilers and steel mills, plus dust control agents for agricultural and industrial markets.

HIT has created petroleum alternatives for particleboard and cardboard production, as well as stainless steel buffing compounds and drilling mud for down-hole oil field applications. Our facility is located on 25 acres in Painesville Township, Ohio, where we also make natural animal feed ingredients under our Hardy Animal Nutrition brand.

An aerial view of Hardy Industrial Technologies (HIT)
Our glycerin refinery
Looking down on Hardy Industrial Technologies
Our unique facility is designed for a tailor-made approach to natural products manufacturing
Our modern, on-site lab for natural products development
A rounded view of total plant operations
Customers benefit from our unrivaled competencies and varied manufacturing capabilities
Our diverse truck and rail transportation system
Our natural products are delivered directly to wholesale buyers
Containerized truck and rail delivery
A top-down view of Hardy Industrial Technologies
Our expansive storage and segregation facilities
We have complex raw material processing abilities
Our terminal tanks
Our integrated production process allows us to convert a diverse stream of feedstocks
Our distillation manufacturing process
Our three hydrogenation systems
We comprehensively analyze inbound raw material samples
Sample quality control is a top priority
Our on-site, contemporary lab for raw materials analysis
We are a central source for natural products research and development
Raw materials are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest product quality
State-of-the-art spectrometer for complete chemical elemental analysis
Product samples are ready for testing
Plant engineer Tom Szucs performs bench-top distillation
Our high-tech production analysis process
Prepping lab samples
We have exceptional product knowledge, analytical skills and logistics intelligence
We custom-make natural products from rigorously tested raw materials
Lab technician David Wolf preps a sample
Samples must pass stringent tests before acceptance into our production process
The moisture analysis process
Frank Oninku, one of our lab technicians, records sample testing results
Fully automated, state-of-the-art, dual-fired boilers
Adam McElroy and our wastewater pre-treatment facility’s programmable logic control
A close-up of our wastewater pre-treatment equipment

Natural Materials from Vegetable Products

HIT is an industry leader in research, raw materials sourcing and manufacturing. We develop eco-conscious products in our on-site lab, which allows us to improve quality, accuracy and speed to market.

Hardy Industrial Technologies’ flexibility to process varied resources such as vegetable oils enables us to constantly consider a range of applications where our natural feedstocks can substitute for petroleum-based products.

Green Energy-Powered

The Hardy Industrial Technologies plant operates on lake water and methane gas recovered from the nearby Lake County Landfill. Our energy-efficient facility utilizes resources that would otherwise be discarded. This is just another example of Magnus’ commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility.

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