Patent No.: US 9,957,465

Preparation of Stearic Acid

One or more techniques are disclosed for a process of preparing stearic acid from animal and/or plant sources may comprise: 1) deodorizing and distilling a fat; 2) concentrating fatty acids of the fat; and 3) hydrogenating the fatty acid to provide stearic acid. The process may include the use of co-products from plant and/or animal sources (e.g., such as products that may be a by-product of one process (e.g., waste), and used as a feedstock for another process). The process may also include distilling the stearic acid to provide palmitic acid and/or fully hydrogenated fatty acid. Tallow fatty acid, vegetable fatty acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid prepared  from the process described are also disclosed.

Reg. No.: 5,602,799


Dairy Balance 180 is a purified fatty acid produced through a patented process of fractional distillation. The rumen-inert fat is spray dried into a prill form for easy handling and ruminant digestion.